From PREDATORBITESUK to New Begainnings…

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, so welcome to my NEW Blogging page.

PNG Skull London Predator Angler

So I thought I would start by talking and explaining a little about what has led up to me starting a Blog or Blogging page. I used to go by the name PREDATORBITESUK making YouTube Fishing Videos/Vlogs. I started 18 months ago and made 22 episodes. Most of them were geared towards Angling for Predators using Bait and Lures. Pike was the species mostly featured but had plans to open up to all species. There was also a few Videos on Non-predatory species too I had made in the summer months.

So you might have notice already I have started and make a few changes too the Facebook page that supported my YouTube channel. I renamed it BARRIE CULLIS, LONDON PREDATOR ANGLER. The Facebook page was the main chief support to YouTube and I also have an Instagram and Twitter page too. I kept the Union Jack and Pike Skull Logo, just because I liked it so much. I have also made a few new banners and logos that will appear in time.


To the meat and gravy… so I felt the need to head in a new or different direction. Filming Vlogs/Videos I found very pressurising, I am someone who strives to better myself in something that I’m passionate about, filming Videos was no different. I felt I had hit a brick wall in what I was doing, at first I didn’t know where I wanted it to go with it, but the vision was becoming clearer of late, but I was losing interest and passion for doing it. I have watched other Anglers who make Vlogs for as long as I have been a member of YouTube. There are some Anglers who make some wonderful videos, of all different levels, from basic stuff I was making on a shoe string, right up to what you might call an epic video like it was a TV program or even one of those DVDs that tackle companies put out every year showcasing there new items and products. Some of who have even made it into these companies are the likes of Carl & Alex Fishing who work along side Nash Tackle. They have great vison and worked hard for the past 10 years since they were kids to where they are now. As you can guess I’m a fan, but that can be true of other Vloggers and Video makers in Angling. I will list a few of my favourites as it stands writing this. Go give them a watch…

  • Carl & Alex Fishing
  • NuffinButFishing
  • Tom Winter
  • River Piker
  • Fenland Fisherman
  • Fishing For Memories with Mark Erdwin
  • Chasing Shadows with Dave Tarrant
  • Black Country Piker
  • Simon Taylor
  • Jordan Ackers Predator Angler aka The Scouse Angler
  • DomFishingUK (Currently Closed)
  • The Fishing Hut
  • The Handmade Fisherman with Paul Adams
  • TAFishing

Anyways, back to the matter in hand. I felt I wasn’t focusing on my angling like I felt I should do. I was focusing way to much on what others had done and was doing and wanting to make mine as good, if not better. But one day I was fishing and making one of my Videos for Pike on my local Pond just before Christmas last, with plenty of time on my hands I was thinking what am I doing? I’m 37 years old, am I doing this to find some low level fame? to be noticed? I don’t know… hmmm, maybe back in my early 20’s when I was trying to make a name for myself in the Angling industry. I would be out busting a gut (excuse the pun lol) working hard in a the tackle shop in Surrey Quays London were I worked as a Predator Fishing Consultant, Fishing the local waters with mates and alone every spare moment I had, heading around the country after all different species, but mainly heading up to Cambridge to hunt Zander twice a month with all my tackle, you name it… bed chairs, cooking gear, cheap naff one skinned brolly systems lol etc. all this without a car and jumping on and off trains via London’s Kings Cross and walking miles to swims once getting there. I would try and get that one half decent capture so I could send it to the Anglers Mail, so I would be noticed. I managed to appear 3 times in the end with some cracking Zander I worked so very hard for in them early days. Things had changed for me, or so I had thought…

16130030_10154886863428665_471541529_o (2)

I suddenly feel I was heading down that track again with the filming and not enjoying and focusing on and catching Fish and having fun with it. I was becoming over driven and for my personality that’s dangerous! I lose all sight of everything around me, including focus. I had also opened myself up for rejection and major critics. Of which I can be thankful for I never really had. Maybe I’m my own self critic. Now days all I want to do is enjoy my Fishing for what it is.


I weighed the Pro’s and Con’s up and decided to head back into another of my many hobbies I enjoy, Photography. I used to love taking photos of my captures and my friends fish too, as well as the atmostphere and wildlife that surrounds our wonderful sport. The essence of Fishing/Angling and what makes us go out and enjoy our quay in the first place. We all have personal reason we fish, but it all comes down to being bankside I guess and enjoying nature. Its in our blood, like marmite you love it or hate it.

So I plan to keep the Facebook page open for updates on my Fishing and the what’s going on in the world of Predatory Angling in the UK from my take. I also have other mini projects in mind. Like I have been toying with the idea to make my own traditional handmade Tackle. I have started on some Perch Bobbers and plan some other items like Pike Floats, Course Fishing Floats, Drop Arm Indicators and Bobbins. Lets see how I get on. I plan on restocking my Tackle Cupboard and Fishing boxes for the new season ahead. Gonna have 6/8 weeks off from Angling (that’s never happened before lol) and lastly in a full circle…A blog, of which your reading the 1st one now 😉 and hopefully more to come.


Anyways, if you out in the close season after some Stillwater beauties or like me having a break till in the traditional closed river season. Good Luck and Tight Line, see you in the next and more light hearted Blog 😀

Lastly, I want to thank all the support I got while making Videos, the feed back was very flattering and I didn’t expect some of the lovely messages left for me on YouTube and Facebook, mainly via Private Messenger. Unbelievable and Unreal.

Bazza – The London Predator Angler.

P.S. – I will be leaving the YouTube Page open so Videos and Vlogs can still be watched by people. Never say never I might return to it one day!!!